A gentleman should always court a lady!

A gentleman courting a lady should do just that, court her. Courting means he treats her every time they go out for the next month or so. In turn, she’ll be kind, sweet, adorable, interesting, savvy and will do sweet things for him, too. A few special home-cooked meals will be very much appreciated by him because time and effort were put into it. Even a picnic will be appreciated.

If a gentleman asks you on a date, then asks (or expects) you to pay half, he’s not a gentleman. If you acquiesce and pay for your half…. well, then you’re no lady, either. A lady on a date with a gentleman should only open her wallet to put lipstick on and nothing else. It doesn’t matter that she makes more money than he does. If that’s the case, her lips should be buttoned.

There will be more on this subject in a later post. Remember, while the courtship is ongoing for the first month or so, that’s his turn to treat. Of course, a lady needs to understand that the gentleman should take her where he can afford, thus, be fair.

A lady needs to get the idea out of her mind that if she accepts a gentleman’s treating her on a date, or for a drink, she is not obligated to do anything else. This should never even cross a lady’s mind. You should go out and let the gentleman pay for your drink or for dinner. If, afterward, you’re no longer enjoying his company, be polite and thank him. Then off on your way you go.

Sleeping with the gentleman while the courtship is ongoing … bad idea. If the relationship has not been defined yet as a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, then that is a huge “no-no”. Use that courtship period wisely in order to get to know each other better. Ask all kinds of questions that you would otherwise not ask if you were sleeping together. He should do the same to you.

The only way to get to know each other is to ask questions. Do not be timid or embarrassed. If you cannot talk freely with the person you are getting to know, sometimes that can be an indication of what is to come. People love to talk about themselves, so ask away. Establish where the relationship is going or where it stands before committing yourself to it. Keep in mind that what men don’t have to work hard for, they don’t value!

The advice above is only for people who are actually looking for a life partner, who are serious and not into wasting their precious time. Time is a very expensive commodity and it should be treated with respect.

…. and remember that relationships are about natural reciprocity, not tit-for-tat score keeping!!


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