Originally from Brazil, Cristina has always been fascinated by the “go-getter” attitude of the professional American woman. Oddly, Cristina heard time and time again that many of these successful women were having trouble finding long lasting meaningful relationships. By digging a little deeper she noticed that although many American women were confident and driven in the work place they did not necessarily carry this attitude into their personal lives. Juxtaposing Brazilian women to American women and their relationships, Cristina found that in Brazil woman held a secret that Americans had yet learned. Today Cristina works out of the San Francisco area and is spreading this secret.

Although a Brazilian native, Cristina has traveled extensively and had the opportunity to call many places around the world her home including Basel Switzerland, Düsseldorf Germany, Milan Italy, Paris France, Chicago Illinois, and currently San Francisco California.

Cristina holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and has studied anthropology in depth at Basel University in Basel, Switzerland. She also has a degree from the Institute Lorgeaux in Paris, France.

With over fifteen years in work experience in the health care industry, both in France and Chicago, in addition to owning her own fashion design and personal styling business, Cristina has healed many both physically and mentally. Cristina, with her most recent venture, has changed her direction and is now shooting for the heart.