All I want for Christmas is that you put your cellphone down!

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With Christmas around the corner and the new year not far behind, getting together with family and friends are a given. Unless you’re a doctor on call, once you get together with your loved ones, make a conscious decision to take a digital holiday. Put the cellphone away and don’t bring it to the table.

If you are a parent, especially to teenage children, be a role model for them: tell them to put the cell phone away. Don’t be afraid your children won’t like you. If they decide to stay sulking in a corner like a lump on a log because they’re bored, that’s the land of “too bad”. Tell them to interact with family. Tell them to talk to their elders and ask questions about their past. Tell your teenage children to talk to others in the room and tell them what they did in school, instead of burying their noses in their smart phones or in whatever the  game du jour is.

Resist the urge to glance at your phone at every vibration or ring to see who is liking your picture or comments on Facebook. Forget taking selfies, forget recording every little movement you make just for that moment. Enjoy your friends and family. You may not get along with every relative (your uncle Frank is annoying and aunt Sally may be insufferable), but that’s ok. It’s called FAMILY. Not everyone is perfect.

If you have a beloved, pay more attention to him or her. Look more at his/her face adoringly instead of trying to check yours or your friends’ status on Facebook or who just twitted 140 nonsense words. By the end of this get-together, you will be surprised at how much more loving you’ll be feeling towards them.

In sum, have real human interactions instead of having your nose buried on the cellphone the entire time. Spend more time with your human counterparts than with your gadgets. Show the people you’re interacting with all of you, that you care about them more than constantly texting and paying half-attention to what they’re saying or what’s going on around you. Take a digital holiday!

Merry Christmas! Love and cheers from my family to yours!!!  Cristina



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