The dreaded question: how many men did you sleep with?

To Curious in Noe Valley – her boyfriend asked her, how many men did she have sex with. First of all, if you answer this question, you would be gossiping about other people’s personal lives and you don’t have the right to do that just to satisfy his ego or curiosity. That you had other relationships, had dated before, had sex before, are all facts, but the same applies to him.

Now, you have to deal with whether or not you are going to move forward from this point on. There is nothing constructive, that I can see, with giving him a list of how many men you had and what their names are. You have a responsibility to protect the privacy and the dignity of the men you were with. I don’t see that revealing the names to your boyfriend (or anyone for that matter) is going to accomplish anything good.

Besides, your boyfriend sounds immature and jealous to me. A man like him has a pesky habit of using this kind of information as a club. Telling him who you were with before him, is none of his God D*** business.

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