You are the architect of your own life!

Relationship AdviceA reader asked me to re-run this post because she wants her sister to see it.

A reader in Santa Clara asked me at the time if she should leave the apartment of her live-in boyfriend. He asked her to move in with him promising they would get married within three months – no ring or a date, he simply said “within three months”. Five years later and she was asking me “should I stay or should I go?” My answer below.

The answer to your question is, YES. Please leave. I’m sure there are plenty of males out there who would love to have a woman cooking, cleaning, washing, paying half the bills and giving them free sex while not committing their lives to those women.

When a man loves a woman, he wants to protect and provide for her. He wants to keep her safe. He wants to commit to her. He marries her. There is no commitment here. True commitment is when you lay down your life for someone. You sign the papers and make a public statement about it. All you have here, now, is a guy who will “do” you and have fun with you, but will not truly commit himself to you.

A man can say he “loves” you at anytime; but you will know what love really looks like when you see that love is a description of actions and not just an emotion you can feel at any particular time. Pay more attention to his actions and you will have your answer. See if his words match his actions. From what you’ve told me, he hasn’t. Right now, you are comfortable and convenient for him. You are the ARCHITECT of your own life. Act on it!

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