Being Happy!

minha casaI am the kind of person who is (as a friend succinctly put), “so damn happy all the time.” Not true. However, I would say 98% of the time I look for reasons to be happy. I like baking a cake for dear friends and inviting people over for dinner or lunch. Buying a sweet gift for a friend’s birthday and seeing the happiness in their face pleases me. Volunteering for something like serving lunch at a church to people whose meal may be the only one that day does so much for me because the gratification immediately shows the effect I have on people’s lives. I can also be happy by simply listening to happy music.

Yes, music is that powerful. Who can’t help but smile or feel like dancing when they listen to a happy tune? Today, I woke up to a dreary day outside. It was raining and the skies were gray; and even though we are in desperate need of rain in California, I didn’t care for the gray skies that accompanied it. The rain makes me feel sad and gloomy. Since I left the sunny skies in Brazil, the only time I feel gloomy is when I don’t see the sun. As I got up, I opened the curtains and saw that gray sky. I felt I needed a reason to be happy this day. There is no more screaming, laughter or squeals of delight in my house. The kids are long gone and celebrating their own happy life, and my grand puppy I babysat while my daughter was on her honeymoon is no longer here to greet me in the morning. Ugh!

Before doing anything, I plugged in my iPhone. In a few minutes the sound of Pharrel Wiliams’ Happy filled my house with cheerful sounds. It’s such a happy tune. It reminds me of when I was raising children because music always played in my house. I can remember my daughter and I dancing to different songs and being silly. I played this song over and over for one hour. During that time period, I opened all the curtains in the house, invited in whatever dim light was outside, I wrote two blog posts, made several phone calls, and got dressed. Now I’m ready to go out of the house and face the tasks that an adult must face everyday. In spite of the drab weather outside, there is sunshine inside myself. That’s how powerful music is.  Guess which music is going to be playing in my car today?

Here is Pharrel’s Happy. Enjoy it. Wishing you all a happy day!!


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