Cheating partners, fiancées, spouses …

John Louis was betrayed by his fiancée and now he thinks every women is a “woman of the night” kind of girl – he used a more colorful word. In general people who are in a committed relationship (engaged or married), don’t have one night stands, affairs or cheat in any way if they feel loved, wanted, important, safe, sexually satisfied and appreciated. When they are getting all those things and they still fool around, have affairs, then it’s a character flaw and a bad one. Bad character can’t be fixed.

In relationships when one or the other has not been a good boyfriend/spouse, then people often find themselves vulnerable to where they are getting their emotional needs met elsewhere. You need to ask yourself “have I been a good boyfriend? Could I have been better?”

Thinking about who she did with, what they did, where, etc …. it’s a futile exercise. The better way to think is “if I want to keep this woman, I need to give her what she needs. She may have done the wrong thing but I pushed her”. Have an honest talk with her and ask her questions about you two (not the fella she did with), find out where things went wrong that she needed to step outside of your relationship in order to get what she was looking for. Once that is done, re-evaluate your relationship and decide if she has bad character or if what she did was a onetime thing.

If it was a fluke, a onetime event, then if you decide to stay with her, remember that you will never forget it, but you cannot bring it up ever, in order to use it as a club every time you may get annoyed with her over something totally unrelated to it. Now if you decide that she has bad character, then leave because it is not going to change, she will do it again. Good luck!

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