Co-habitating without marriage!

I always believed if a guy wanted to play house with you, it might as well be for real, he should have to marry you, not just say “let’s live together”.  If you treat yourself like a prize, others will too.  Self-respect is the most attractive quality in a woman. If you sacrifice that, what else do you have to offer except free sex, no real commitment and blatant insecurity?

If we were clear on our intentions and held out for the real thing, it would happen.  What is the rush to jump into a false sense of commitment? You have to realize how beautiful and delicate you are.  Men will treat us with respect if we command it and won’t settle for anything else. So be good to yourself.

A real man would marry his woman to keep her safe and to give her the protection of marriage that he could provide. A real woman will nest and nurture. If you have an engagement ring and a DATE, move in if you wish, but if you only have a ring but no date, I wouldn’t rush to move in with him because often, he just wants to pacify you.

I was inspired to post this today because of my good friend’s situation. Yesterday, we chatted on the phone and it was a day of celebration for my friend: a bittersweet one, but a celebration none the less. She was embroiled in a lawsuit with her late boyfriend’s mother for the past 2 ½ years and it was finally over. My sweet friend lived with her boyfriend for almost 10 years (9 years and 3 months). One day he was late getting home and to make a long story short, he had an accident.

He was at the hospital where the next of kin was called (his mother) to come in. The mother made all the decisions for him including not prolonging his life by asking for the machines to be turned off. My friend was not even able to say goodbye to the man she called her rock for all those years.

In the past, my friend had often described her boyfriend’s mother as “sweet and kind.” However, this “sweet and kind” woman would not let my friend in the hospital room even. The mother took care of all the funeral arrangements and, of course, my friend wasn’t invited to the funeral because it was a “family only” event and they were never legally married.

His estate went to the next of kin- his mother. My friend took that woman to court and had been battling in order to have her share of the estate because she lived with him for such a long time. Many expenses later, my friend was finally able to get something. She said the headaches and heartache were not worth it. She vowed never to live with a man, again, without the protection of marriage.

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