Commiting to the person you’re suppose to love!


Commiting to the person you love!

LJ in Belmont asked me a question about marriage. In her letter it was all about “me”, “me”, “me”, me” and “me” and she asked me not to mention the question here because she would be embarrassed if her friend who reads this blog, reads it and recognize her. Here is my simple answer that anyone, not knowing what she asked me, can take it to heart and find it useful. I hope LJ can find it useful as well.

There is something elevated and spectacular about a covenant, which people put away their fears and their selfishness in order to commit to something bigger than themselves.  It’s always very important to take care of each other.

Unfortunately in many relationships instead of taking care of the well being of the other person, we mostly, selfishly think about ourselves in every moment: how we look, how we feel, etc., and sadly the other person ends up not feeling loved or important. So LJ, ditch the “me” virus and concentrate on your other half!

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