Something to consider when going out on date!

I always advise my private clients when going on their first date, to have fun, be sweetly, kindly and adorably blunt. Meaning, don’t waste their time or their date’s time, tell him exactly what your expectations are, this way if he doesn’t like what he hears, he won’t call you back, and you’ll be able to move on to the next date.

Example, if all you want is to have fun, then don’t bother but if you are interested in a more serious relationship that will lead to marriage, tell him that you are not dating just for fun, you are actually dating for the ultimate goal to be marriage. That doesn’t mean he’s the ONE who’s going to be your husband but that you do not want to invest your valuable time with someone who just wants fun and is not on the same path as you are.

When I tell my clients this, their eyes get bigger and 90% of them says: “I’m going to scare my date!”. I explain that if they do scare their date, and their dates don’t call them back, be happy and elated. Who wants to date a scared  little boy anyway? I believe a woman would rather go out on a date with a mature man who would not be scared away just because she gave him information. If he’s not interested in dating with marriage as a goal, a real man will not be afraid to tell her either.

Remember, what you do on your first date sets the precedent for the rest of the relationship! Always give him “information”, mature people by in large, do better with information.

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