Desperate to keep the schmuck?

Today, this post is short and not too sweet. This week end I heard too much about women dating some schmucks and insisting in staying with the schmuck, hoping and praying that the schmuck will change. I heard the desperation to keep him, but the worst was actually listening from some of these ladies own lips: “there isn’t many good men today and if I leave I may not find another guy”. *Gasp*!

How pitiful and sad. In this country a woman doesn’t have to wear a burka and she can choose her own man. Look what some of them do with the freedom they have: they squander it.

To think that they can’t get another man it’s an irrational fear. Ladies you need to stop thinking that you are beggars, that you are grateful to have any schmuck, these kind of thinking needs to stop. Much of what we do in our lives, is a mind game taking place in our own head and in this instance, if you think you can’t get another man, then you will behave in a way that will make it happen.

If you believe that you cannot get a wonderful, psychologically healthy and great guy, then you won’t behave in way that will attract one. The war is in your head, please rectify that. How? You can start by leaving him, be alone for a while and if you can’t change your old ways by yourself, then I think you can do some meditation to change your thinking. Do not meditate for a month and then stop, start to make meditation a part of your daily life, just as you do with brushing your teeth. I believe you will see improvements in your way of thinking, just ask any buddhist. One of the techniques they aim to develop is insight and that should help you.


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