Does your man have FOC (George Clooney Syndrome)?

I met a lovely woman this past week end and once she knew I write a blog about love and life, she asked me what advice would I give her concerning her boyfriend. They’ve been dating for the past 3 1/2 years and she would love to get married but he doesn’t like to talk about that because he has  “FOC” (fear of commitment), aka George Clooney syndrome.

Ladies, you should not be dating a guy who has a “fear of commitment”, don’t play games with your own mind – “oh, we have fun, he’s wonderful, he says he loves me, I’m so good, I’ll heal him, he only needs some time …” – please.  It’s amazing how  he fears commitment but he can still have sex with women, go out for a drink with his buddies, get to work every morning, live with a woman and take advantage of her affections for him, her companionship, etc. but still fears commitment. How convenient.

It’s foolish for a woman who wants to get married to be dating a guy who says he has fears of commitment for any silly reason he wants to come up with “my mother was mean, my former flame cheated on me, blah-blah-blah ….”. Commitment is marriage and that’s what the lady I met wants.  After 2 years of dating if a man doesn’t know if his woman has the qualities that he admires to make her his wife, the lady in question is simply banging her head against a wall. She needs to go date somewhere else.

Let’s face it, we are all going to die someday, we can’t live as if we have all the time in the world because the reality is: we don’t have it and the time we waste,  we can’t get it back. I would say if you are reading this and is in a similar situation and wish to give your man some time to change his mind, fine. Two years max, longer than that it’s foolish. I personally wouldn’t do it not even for 2 weeks, no matter if I was in the “spring” or in the “autumn” of my life. My time is a commodity too precious to waste.



  1. 2 weeks and if he isn’t committed to marriage with you then you’re out…. im thinking your still single or with a desperate loser..

    • Someone needs to read it carefully in order to comprehend what it was said. In a nutshell, if a man on a first date tells the woman he has commitment issues or is dating just for fun and not with marriage in mind, then if she has marriage in mind, she needs to leave and date somewhere else. It is NOT her job to stay there dating him while trying to change his mind or hoping he will. That was my point. No need to be rude and name calling. Read carefully and if you don’t understand what has been written, then keep your rude thoughts to yourself.

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