The ex from hell!

Terrified in Alameda doesn’t know what to do. The man she’s currently living and having a baby with, has an ex-girlfriend who keeps terrifying her by sending awful cards, emailing some terrible pictures, talking bad about her to all her friends, etc.. Here some tame samples of what the ex-beauty sent to Terrified: … “wish you have a car accident and break your neck”, ” may your unborn child be born dead or retarded”, “I wish I could poison your food and see you die a slow death”, etc.. not to mention the dead roses that appeared at their apartment door twice, or the black roses with the red lipstick with a razor blade stuck in the soft part. Creepy.

She asked me if I have any idea what to do about a jealous ex. Well, Terrified, you need to tell the ex to go “efe herself and get a life”, but not like that because it will have no effect on the ex, she’ll rejoice that she was able to get under your skin. You need to be “nice” about it. No matter how angry someone is, no one likes to know that someone is sending them bad vibes or wishes. Here is my answer: I would buy a beautiful card with some even more beautiful plump bouquet of roses and send them by a florist to the ex’s home. I would write in the card:

Dear ________ (the freak show’s name appear here)

Thank you for everything you have sent my way. May everything you have wished for me, return to you tenfold, and all your dreams and hopes for me, come to rest on your doorsteps forever!

I bet you will never receive anything from her again and you can picture her already banging those roses down the sink until all petals are gone. With the words above, anyone reading them, will think of you “what a nice person” but the person reading will know that is a “F_ you” message …. in a nicer way. Please write back and tell me if she left you alone.

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