Loneliness and the single girl!

A few nights ago, I took advantage of someone who had had one too many drinks and I asked her a question that had she been sober I wouldn’t have asked. Since she is single, free and dating, I asked her why she slept around so frequently and always with loser guys who, about 30 years ago, would not have been able to find a woman of quality to sleep with them. Her answer was simply, “because I’m lonely”.

She works very hard during the day and when she gets home, there is no one there. So she goes out from party to party and if she can find a guy to go home with her, that night, she gladly will.

She looked at me and asked if I had a solution for her. I told her that I didn’t have a solution for her but she was the answer to her own predicament. How so? Well, loneliness is a voluntary state. If you’re lonely, you need to find ways to be more cheerful and more grateful that you’re alive. You need to have a life and I mean by that, a real life, something else besides your work, something that will add purpose and will enrich your life.

Stop going to every party in town. If you’re over a certain age, you should know better. Instead of going to those mindless parties/events, go back to school and start learning a new language. Take the course full time. You should be busy volunteering your time on a regular basis to a cause that you truly embrace and not because it is going to make the papers or YOU are going to be in those mindless papers.

Don’t waste your time with men looking for a good time because that’s all what you will be to them. Aspire to be something special and not something that men will use and throw away like a piece of used tissue.

Every time you get desperate and feel the need to go out and have some mindless fun, think about Mother Teresa. She didn’t date. She wasn’t even pretty. Actually, she was pretty ugly, but she was someone to aspire to be. She’s my idol. Her beauty went beyond her skin. She was truly a beautiful soul, an honorable woman, who was willing to sacrifice for her fellow human beings without wanting anything or recognition in return. She was a quality woman who had a lot of truly quality people in her life.

I truly believe, once you fill your life with things of value, the emptiness you feel, the loneliness you claim to always be around, will go away…

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