Glad the holidays are over!!

I loooooove the holidays! All that cooking and baking and family and friends around – so much love … but I am glad that the holidays are over now. I got myself a migraine headache the size of the 50 States, at 4am on Jan 1st. It was a gift from a half glass of wine and four sips of champagne on new Year’s Eve. It kept me flat on my face and in bed until this morning. It was such a bad episode that I was not even able to look at a cell phone screen much less at a computer. At one point I thought if the migraine didn’t leave me soon, how horrific would be for my children to have to find my remains. That’s how horrid I was feeling but hey, finally today at 7am, I was feeling chirpy again and ready to write my heartfelt message to my readers (4 days later) who filled my email box asking me “what’s up with no blog posts”. Sorry folks, I’m back and finally this morning, just being able to lift my carcass out of bed felt great. I’m a few pounds lighter too, a migraine will do that to you – not a good thing. I’m all ready to go.

Today I am just going to wish you all a wonderful New Year, filled with prosperity, happiness, peace in your lives; love in your world and greater health to enjoy it all. Back tomorrow with regular posts, until then …..

make it a great day!

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