Is it a good choice to make decisions based on your feelings?

Dating With FeelingsHURTING said she “feels like” her boyfriend is always hurting her feelings. She wants to leave him but she doesn’t “feel like” leaving him because she knows she will hurt his feelings, meanwhile “she feels” as if he hurts her feelings all the time.  HURTING email has every sentence starting with “I feel like ……..”.  All these feelings, feelings, feelings and I can see that I am going to take a beating on this one but here it goes.  Try to keep feelings out of the way because it’s the most self-centered position that we come from.  When seeing something or making a decision, do it on facts and not feelings.

Dwelling on your feelings, elevating them to a position of importance and constantly referring to situations through your feelings is about as self-centered as you can get. Another game I think you are playing is that by constantly looking at how your man is hurting your feelings, you are letting that, keep you from making the right decision. That comes from wanting a sense of power and control but you still are not getting what you need.

You need to stop this behavior if you want to move forward, have the courage and the grit to look him in the eye and set him and yourself free. Take a stand, make your adult decisions, and be somebody you are proud to look at in the mirror every day. Good luck!

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