Happy 4th of July!!

Today I honor the country who embraced me and gave me opportunities that my own country didn’t give me. I take personal offense when people from other lands come to America, then for one reason or another go on the streets to protest and raise their own flag. To those people I say that they should think a little more carefully before coming here and start raising their own country’s flag. You don’t spit on the plate that feeds you and if America is such a horrible place that they cannot get what they want or feel they are being mistreated, please, find the near train or bus station, the nearest airport and get your ticket out of the country. Go back where you came from, if your country was so good that you proudly raises its flag here, then why did you leave?

I’m sure all the bleeding hearts here are going to start to say all kinds of “the borders should be open, or anybody should come here, blah, blah, blah…. “, well save it, don’t bother me with that because I don’t care for those comments, it’s not reality. I am here and I am grateful. I believe America is a big mother who has always opened its arms and given opportunities to those who could not find it in their own Motherland and because of that alone, everybody (including me) who come/came here – either because of work and never left, or because he/she was looking for a better life, should be respectful. Do I like the country I was born? Absolutely, but it has been America who gave me the opportunity to do what I wanted and for that I am eternally grateful.

Yes, I’m a Brazilian by birth but I am an American by choice and very proud of it! Happy Independence Day America and may you continue to thrive! Don’t forget to thank a Veteran or any men and women in uniform if you see one!

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