Happy Mother’s Day!!

mothers_day_cartoonI am returning to write after a short hiatus and I choose today because today is a very special to me: it’s Mother’s Day. My mother died when I was two years of age so I have no memory of her but I had a quintet of mothers – my little girlfriend’s mothers – who fulfilled this role very well and for that, I’m extremely grateful. As I get ready to make a phone call to all my mothers back in Brazil, I leave you with a little note I wrote my friends yesterday, who are also mothers. Happy Mother’s Day to you and if you are a StepMom who also fulfill the role of mother to a kid/kids that came with the marriage, I honor you today as well, after all, a child doesn’t have to come out of our own body for us to love, some of us should simply love a child or children, because they’re in our lives and because a little love, goes a long way to make a difference in a child’s life. Happy Mother’s Day ladies.

“To all you Moms, have a super happy Mother’s Day and continuing good luck on this intense course because when we become mothers, we begin a very intense course on how to learn to love someone more than ourselves, on how to become selfless, on how to change our own shortcomings to be someone better in order to be a good example, a role model to the being (or beings) that we are borrowing.

This intensive course teach us to have courage because to be a mother is one of the biggest acts of courage we have to learn. Courage to be exposed to all kinds of hurt especially the uncertainty to be acting correctly where the children (child) are concerned and be afraid to lose someone we love so much. To lose? How? Well, you will learn in your course that our children aren’t really ours, they are simply gifts lent to us. We borrow them for a little while, usually 18 years, so we can nurture, guide, discipline, encourage and love them. After that, it’s time to let them fly the nest so they will then have a chance to absorb, grow, mature and apply everything we taught them.

Meanwhile enjoy this wonderful journey with your special gifts (gift) and once they fly the nest, you will treasure all the moments you had with them.

Much love to you all, cristina”

PS: as English is the fourth language I learned, my grammar sometimes lacks, so I apologize in advance if the mistakes I made today offend your sensibilities but my editor is off today … you know, Mother’s Day 🙂

The cartoon image: all rights reserved to Steve Nease,



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