Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!

iStock_000001097386SmallOn this Valentine’s day I would like to remind you of 6 important points when in a relationship with your beloved:

1 – Remember to always tell your beloved what you most appreciate about him/her, no matter how small. Sometimes it is the small things that matter most.

2 – When your beloved is talking to you, stop what you’re doing and make eye contact. You will be less likely to say later on “Oh, you didn’t tell me that,” because when we make eye contact while the other person is speaking, we are less likely to forget what was said to us. It also shows you care.

3 – Men whose women give them kudos – some women describe that as stroking their ego – I call it “giving them affirmation” –  that they are appreciated, respected and loved, are more likely to describe their couple life as happy. We women get affirmation very often from girlfriends and even strangers who compliment us on what we’re wearing, how beautiful we’re looking that day, how we are having a great hair day, etc., but men don’t have that and as human beings, they need that too. The only people who give it to them are their mothers and their women, so don’t be shy about your compliments if your man deserves them. Dish them out.

4 – One very important point: don’t believe that a woman needs to keep an air of mistery to keep things alive and interesting. What hogwash! Trying to guess what the other person is thinking is annoying and tiresome. Communicate explicity what you’re thinking – no need for a heavy talk, but tell him what you need from him and you’ll find out that you’re doing yourself and your relationship a favor. You will have a happier man who will give you what you need by eliminating the guesswork, and you’ll be happier and won’t have to pout because he didn’t do something you wanted.

5 – Touch and touch often. Touching causes our bodies to produce a hormone called oxytocin (the feel-good hormone), and it promotes a desire to touch and be touched. It will make you both feel good about each other, causing you to bond to each other even more.

6 – Communicate! Express! Touch!

Have a great Valentine’s Day!!



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