How not to be jealous of an ex-wife, ex-girlfriend, or a dead wife.

A good friend of mine is getting married, and she told me that she has a problem with her future sister-in-law because she is best friends with her future husband’s ex-wife. Consequently, it has been really hard for her to see that and accept their friendship. After hearing this, I decided to write a post about it because I have heard the most absurd cases of jealousy such as even being jealous of a dead wife or dead girlfriend.

If you’re over 12, you have a past. Just face it. If you marry later in life, your beloved may have a past that included a few ex (you fill the blank) and it may be an ex by marriage. If the ex of your future husband is still good friends with his family, you should be very gracious, because at the end of the day he chose you. Remember that your beloved is the one who introduced his ex to his family and his family embraced her. They have a relationship.

You should not be threatened by: a woman he’s no longer with, a woman who’s dead, a woman who lives miles away, etc, etc. Try to behave like a grown woman and be gracious. He chose you. What else do you want everybody to do to make you feel secure? If they’re still friends, that’s nice. They like each other. They’ve been in each other’s lives for a while. The fact that the family is still keeping her close, shows that she must be a good person. It shows you that his family doesn’t discard people easily. So, if you grow to love them, if the same fate should happen to you, they wouldn’t discard you either.

Thinking that everyone in his family should excommunicate the ex, now, just because he chose you, is pretty awful thinking. You won the prize. Can you act like it?


  1. Dorothy Jane Macleod says:

    I’m so jealous of Marks dead late chinese girlfriend! I’m always giving him a hard time. Iv2 only been with him for 10 months. She’s been dead for 4 years! I was with someone for two years,but he was controlling! Please help me? :'(

    • are you still jealous? I hope not… it is never worth it to be jealous.. it rots your bones. Makes you become the devil.. it’s just not healthy to hold jealousy inside. Be confident in life.

    • Don Bindley says:

      why are you jealous, she’s dead and no threat to you. Do you give him a hard time to hurt him, or is it to sway him to believe she was less than you. I think I see the issue since you had to point out she was Chinese, does that make a difference to you that she was not of the same race as you? I don’t get why belittle the dead?
      My girlfriend of 3 yrs is so jealous of my dead wife, she’s been gone for 4 yrs. and all she does is call her names, like white trash, C**T, whore and other names. I was married to her for 20 yrs and she makes me feel like crap whenever she says anything about her.
      Any advice on Jealous girlfriends over dead wives?
      I know this is an old post, but I guess I found this and needed to vent.

      • Don, I also sent you a private message and I hope you got it. I will say it here again just in case you don’t get my private email: DUMP your girlfriend ASAP! She’s cruel, vindictive, jealous and petty. What the hell are you doing with a woman like that? Are you afraid you can’t get another one? I think it is better to be alone than to be with a disrespectful shrew.

        A woman like that does not make it for a happy life. Life is too short to put up with this crap. A person to be with us should bring loveliness, joy and happiness. Your girlfriend is awful and don’t tell me she doesn’t say that all the time. One time is bad enough. DUMP HER NOW. A woman to be with you should be respectful and she isn’t. DUMP HER NOW. She is not deserving of you.

        There is no way to deal with jealous people. It’s all about them. They are unreasonable. Send your girlfriend on the next bus out of your life to never return.

    • I sent you a private reply many years ago Jane. I hope you got it because I never heard from you after that.

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