Getting attached to broken or sick people!!!

Judy has been married for two years to a man who has depression. She said he has had depression since his teens and he was upfront about it when he met her, by disclosing his illness.  They dated for four years and throughout their dating years, she maintained a “good and positive” attitude through his ups and downs.

Judy said he’s a “good, responsible, caring and loving man”. For the past two months, for the first time in his life, he’s been going to a psychiatrist and experimenting with psychotropic drugs to see which one will work for him but after years of this situation, she’s tired of it and is ready to leave. She doesn’t want to be cruel but she wants to know when would be a good time to tell him that she is done with the marriage.

Judy, with all that “good and positive” attitude he never changed and you went ahead and married him anyway. Now that he decided to do something about his illness, now that he’s trying to get better, you’re no longer interested. INTERESTING!!!!

It’s funny … now that he’s on the road to be healthy; you want a stranger to tell you how to detonate your marriage. I am glad you asked because I think you need to take a good look inside yourself first before making any decision.

Some of us, marry, attach ourselves to people who are broken in order to feel whole, better, fulfilled or to have a sense of purpose in life. The indication is when the person wants to get healthier, wants to make a change for the better, we’re no longer interested. I believe you need to go for some counseling yourself and find out why you need someone broken in order to feel whole. Once you know, maybe you will make a different choice about your marriage.

You may find out that you may not want to leave your “good, responsible, caring and loving man” after all. Please get a referral for someone really good. I wish you well.

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