Intense Dating

Don’t be in a hurry to date after a break up.  Dating too many people in short periods of time will also make you experience intense break ups, intense sex and intense everything.  If you insist on dating too soon, you are going to get crass and cynical about men, love and commitment. That’s why this intense type of dating is a mistake.

Until one has the maturity to know who they are, it is better to wait instead of making a hasty decision to start dating before one is ready in order to find out what one really needs and wants. The number one reason that people get afraid of what that new person might do or not do is because they don’t believe they are strong enough to survive pain.

Why do things before you are ready?  Women who date frequently, or shortly after a break up, are simply not ready. Why do they do it?  Because they want to feel like they’re in love. They don’t want to feel alone. Some women even tend to measure themselves by if some guy loves them; and THAT is a bad mistake.

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