Is he Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now?

Looking for Mr. Right

Is he Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now?

Lauren, 35, from Novato, asked me how does she know if she has found Mr. Right and not Mr. Right now:

·   * When he acknowledges you as his girlfriends to his friends

·   * When he tells you that he thinks about you when he’s away and when he’s  near

·   * When he allows you to pick his wardrobe or when he dresses up looking for your approval

·   * When he puts making you happy ahead of his own happiness

·   * When he’s seen you without make up and messy hair; and he’s still keep calling

·   * When he introduces you to his family, knowing that this could change everything

This is just a few but important. We all deserve someone special who will love and respect us in that very special way.

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