He is very jealous!

He’s perfect in every way, but with one exception: he is very jealous.  No, he’s not perfect. When you say perfect, it’s a huge thing. He’s not perfect. He’s neurotic. Jealousy is a deal breaker, or it should be.

Your love won’t fix him. Your care won’t cure him. Your love won’t cure him. Your need won’t cure him. You can’t have a good relationship with him.   Marriage is out of the question.

Marry him, and then every time you leave the house, whenever you go to work, he’ll always make you feel as if you are cheating.  Imagine a life like that, especially with a kid(s) watching. Imagine the next 30 years like that.

You can’t have a relationship with somebody like that. You will constantly be watching yourself. Who can you talk to? Who are you going to isolate out of your life because he’s jealous.  You CAN NOT have a good relationship even if you think he’s great in every other way.  It’s not true; he’s not great in every other way because he’s too neurotic and selfish.

The world is all about him. That’s what all that jealousy is. What do you think jealousy and insecurity are all about, if is not for being self centered? “It’s all about me, my security, how I feel, how you feel about me, how can I control you so I’m safe. It’s all about me, me, me, me”. Jealousy is selfish. If you keep on trying to help him, trying to prove that you love him, you’re pathetic.  He is who he is and you would be irresponsible if you continue staying with this guy and someday bring kids to the situation.

A man who loves his woman doesn’t treat her like that. A real man, who loves his woman, wants to cherish her, protect her, care for her, provide for her, keep her safe and do what he can to make her happy.  A neurotic, jealous, guy will just want to do her and control her, in the guise of love.

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