Going through life with a liar!

Care About Numbers in San Jose wrote me to ask if she should dump her boyfriend of two years because once in a while he lies about things. When they started dating he told her, he only slept with two women but now the numbers have changed to a lot more than that and she doesn’t like it. This has been bothering her more lately, after he started talking about marriage.

Actually, CAN in San Jose, to me the numbers (of women he slept with) don’t get me excited because people these days often sleep around, do booty calls, casual sex is the norm for many and taking whatever opportunities to have sex, is nothing new, as long as he doesn’t have any sexually transmitted diseases, I’m ok with it. It has been two years after the fact.

The important thing here is that he looked you square in the eyes and LIED and he continues to tell you little lies, according to you. I don’t think it is very wise to continue to be in a relationship with a man who constantly lies. Life is hard and sometimes tough, therefore, a husband and wife need to be able to trust each other. Stay focused, the numbers are unimportant but that he constantly lies, that is huge.

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