Oh ….. but I looooooooove him!!

In this day and age, women are supposed to be smarter than before.  That was one of the intentions when The Feminist Movement came about, so we could be assertive, tell it like it is, be discerning.

Women, who are supposed to be and act smart, walk into all sorts of horrendous situations/problems because they think, that because they are in love, or they love somebody, all the problems will go away and everything will be fine just because they are in love.

“Oh, but I love him” …. “I’m going to follow my heart” … I have heard that so many times from smart women that it is pretty sickening when they repeat this mantra one too many times.  Oh God, you are in loooove …. is that supposed to be more important than your brains?  Wrong.

Many times women take the “I love him” a little too far and do not want to see what’s wrong with their man.  “I love him” becomes more important than the grief from whatever situation is going to impinge upon their life and their future children.

Ladies, don’t let “I love him” become even more important than a bad situation.  You don’t want friends looking into your future and wondering why you are volunteering to take this burden for the rest of your life.

When a man has situations that you consider burdens, don’t take them on.  You have the right to pick somebody with no baggage. Whatever is there, please face it. Do not go further and marry him; because once you are married to him, his burdens will really start to weigh heavily on your shoulders. All the arguments and fights are going to start. It’s not fair to him.

Then you will think “I was hoping this would change.” Hope is very powerful. Everybody’s hope doesn’t turn into truth or become reality.  Please be discerning and do not let your emotions always get the better of you.  We have brains to actually think.  I beg you to please use this gift wisely.

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