A man taking advantage of his woman, is NOT an honorable man!

Waiting in the Wings in San Carlos, said that she has been going out with her boyfriend for three years. For the past two years, he’s been down on his luck, having some financial “issues”, meanwhile she pays for most things when they go out, she helps him with some bills and most of the time he stays in her house. For the past year he’s been promising her an engagement ring but so far, the ring hasn’t materialized. He’s charming and kind but even her parents had enough of him. Her dad says that her boyfriend is taking advantage of her. She loves him and doesn’t know what to do.

Waiting in San Carlos, your father who has a vast life experience has spoken and you didn’t listen to him, therefore I don’t think you will listen to me. I wonder if you are hoping for a different answer. I agree with your Dad and the fact that he’s a man, you should listen to him because he knows how men operate; he is one of them! Talk is cheap; you watch your boyfriend’s actions.

In the olden days, with high collars and long dresses, if a young man ever did that to a young lady, he would not be allowed to see her again. This is very frustrating and sad to hear, with all this new freedom; some women tend to treat themselves with less regard. If a guy treats a lady less than a gentleman should treat her, why does she stay around for? I don’t get it.

When you behave that way, you let him know, that ultimately, all he has to do is listen to you whine and then have sex with you the next time he’s horny or take your money when he needs  (according to you: staying in your house, not contributing a dime; asking you to pay for dates, asking you to “lend” him some cash because he forgot his wallet, etc.) …… and here you are, worrying about an engagement ring.

Don’t waste your freedom with a man who doesn’t value you. We should all aspire to have a man who would think he’ll die every time he thinks he’ll be without us. Until a generation ago, your father would tell this joker, “You are not seeing my daughter anymore”. With all this new freedom, women seem to be treating themselves worse instead of better, looks like the freedom we have now, to choose for ourselves, is working against our weaker self.

Waiting in the Wings, picture this: think of the kind of men I would want you to marry – one who takes care of business, one who is financially stable, one who doesn’t take advantage of his girlfriend, a man who can actually stand on his own two feet, a man who can honor his words, a man you can count on when life gets tough.… it doesn’t sound like his face is on this picture.

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