When is a man justified in hitting his woman?

Curious in Fillmore has been in a relationship with a man for 5 months. Two months ago his best friend hit his fiancée. Curious in Fillmore then asked her boyfriend, when was a man justified in physically hitting his woman, which he replied that it was unacceptable BUT he would find justifiable to hit his woman if he caught his wife or girlfriend cheating on him, then he would hit her …. hard. Curious in Fillmore wants to know if this is a red flag. By the way, she also mentions that her boyfriend is a bit insecure and a little jealous because he has been cheated on before.

Red flag? I would say HUGE red flag. What if he thinks that you had an affair and you didn’t have one? What if he just gets jealous? He’s already has a hypersensitivity over being cheated on. I don’t care how cute he is, how adorable he is, if you have the hots for him, if you like him a little too much, it doesn’t matter, you should have left him two months ago. You should not risk life and limb just to be with a guy on an off chance that he won’t hit you.

Sorry to be so stern about it but when someone has a history with sensitivity towards something which can easily be misunderstood and they demonstrate insecurity in that area, they can be potentially dangerous.  The fact that he thinks that hitting a woman is ok, is cause for concern and there is no justification to hit a woman, even if his woman cheats on him. If that happens, he can break off with her, not break her. You should not walk away from this guy, you should RUN as fast as you can.


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