Does physical appearance matter in the game of love?

Three weeks ago I sold a gift certificate to a gentleman to give to one of his pal friend. He warned me about her physical appearance and told me that he thought it was a turn-off for men who didn’t know her well. I met the lady in question last week for the first time and it wasn’t pretty. Her complaints: “guys are douche-bags, they judge me by my physical appearance, they don’t know me, and they don’t even take the time to know me”.

I let her rant before giving her the bad news. The lady is actually a nice lady, holds a good job and is very sweet but her appearance ….. catastrophic and I’m being nice.  The sides of her head are shaved and the Mohawk is a long line of limp hair past her shoulders, which some days could be blue, green or pink depending on her mood. She has three nose rings, two lip rings that look like fangs and her clothes are cheap street hooker look-alike.

Her appearance would have been no problem if she would go for men who are also into body rings, colorful Mohawks and other oddities, which is all right, some people like different things, but she is not into that kind of men. She likes the nice, clean looking men and gets upset because she thinks they look down on her because of her appearance. Needless to say, it wasn’t a nice first meeting, I had to set her straight why I thought the type of men she liked, were not interested in her even before she opened her mouth. She wasn’t having any of that.

Here is the deal folks, if you wear a Mohawk, if you wear nuts and bolts (piercings) in your body or wear anything that is viewed as anti-social, don’t ask me or anyone else to look deeper into you, beyond your appearance. When you act and present yourself that way, you are sending us a message, we don’t have to look deeper into you. Don’t make us prove something, it’s not our responsibility to look deep and find out who you are, that’s a total nonsense you are asking of me or anyone else.

If I put swastikas all over my face and start going out like that, I can’t expect people who don’t know me to ignore that and look deeper inside of me. If you are going to be anti-social, dressing in a radical fashion, you are asking for that reaction, don’t put the onus on people to dig deeper and find out who you are, it’s your responsibility to represent who you are. It’s very simple.

I’m still waiting for her to contact me for our follow up meeting.

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