The quality of your life is up to you!

One of my good friends often complains about how her life sucks, how she has no luck, how she can’t find a nice guy, how they always hurt her…..and on and on and on. One gentleman, I had introduced her to, told me, “Your friend is nice but her whining about everything in that whinny voice is a total downer..” Ouch.  I told her she was the only one who had the power to change her life and all the hurting she was suffering was self-inflicted.

You are hurting yourself when you are not behaving in a way that will bring peace, serenity and happiness to your life.  This is how intelligent people work and you are an intelligent person. Emotions should not be your master, your intelligence should rule.  You need to say, “What kind of life do I want?   Is a relationship with that person going to get me there?”

If you want to have a decent life, you have to have an objective. Choose behaviors that will lead you in that direction and not permit your emotions to hijack your intelligence.  When you get feedback from people who know you, telling you that you are way off track, then ignore it with a laugh, what else is there for anybody else to do to help you?

Ultimately, the quality of your life is up to you, not me, not your friends, not your family, not anybody. One of the main problems we have as adults is caused by those of us who wish to feel good right now and damn the consequences. “I want to feel good right now and if there are long term consequences … I don’t see them” is not a good thinking.

Well, figure out how to make your life a more cheerful place. Work on making your life a more pleasant experience in order for you to have something special to offer your friends and to that special person who may show up in your life someday. A positive person is an attractive person.

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