Red Flags

I am very big on not wasting one’s time and I think women should be aware when they’re dating a man-PORF – Piles Of Red Flags. To avoid wasting more time, here it is a few Red Flags – or warning signs – that women in the dating world should be paying close attention to in order to avoid getting involved in a bad, undesirable relationship or in a relationship that is going nowhere fast.

The warning signs can be obvious or they can be subtle, but they’re there and it’s helpful to pay attention to them instead of denying that they exist. This page is yours to share with other women your experiences, please feel free to add to the list by emailing

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 Red Flags or Man-PORF

1 – He tells you that all women he meets are gold-diggers

2 – Flirting with other women while on a date with you. That’s lack of maturity

3 – Abusing drugs or alcohol. Don’t waste your time jumping on this bus because when you’ll ask him to make a choice, he isn’t likely to give up his drug of choice for you.

4 – He has outbursts of anger. Everyone has a bad day, but a person who has frequent angry outbursts it’s a cause of stress in the relationship and can be a warning of a potential abuser who may harm you emotionally or physically in the future

5 – Consistently late for dates – Gwynneth A.

6 – When he talks about his ex all the time using the pronoun “we” – Denise B.

7 – Whine about his job, his co-workers, his past relationships. Everyone is out to get him – Marley C.

8 – He insists on texting you vs calling you, especially in the evening – Kitty R.

9 – Friday nights and weekends he is always having dinners with his mother or brother – Katerina R

10 – He is always busy with things that he wants to do that do not include you. He does not make any efforts to adjust his routines to be with you – Katerina Z.

11 – All his friends are single or unhappily divorced. He tells you he does not believe in marriage. He only meets with you if sex is in the program – Katerina R.

12 – Consistently surfing the gay singles ads and saying he does it only “for laughs” – Nonny M.

13 – Maintaining multiple accounts on internet dating sites after the two of you are an item/engaged/married and claiming that “they’re just friends” – Nonny M.

14 – Never, ever, ever opening the door for you, even when the two of you are all dolled up for a night out on the town – Nonny M.

15 – Meeting up with you for a date and then asking if he could make a quick stop to buy a birthday gift for a friend…in the local Goodwill store.

16 – After agreeing in advance to be your date for a fancy occasion (opera, ballet, etc.,) he cancels. His excuse? it’s Free Dump Day in his area and if he misses it, he will have to pay beaucoup bucks to get rid of his old refridgerator – Nonny M.