Low self-esteem? Do you think having breast enhancement will help?

Want Bigger Boobs in Glen Park wrote me because she thinks guys don’t like her because she has an A cup. One of her boyfriends told her he left her because she didn’t want to put on bigger boobs. Consequently, she has terrible self-esteem and is seriously contemplating putting on some torpedoes. Really?

I don’t think self-esteem is your biggest problem WBB. Self-esteem is over rated.  Do you want to feel good about yourself?  Putting on bigger boobs is not going to solve the way you are feeling inside yourself unless you are a self centered, immature woman. However, by reading your email, I didn’t think so. Let’s make a deal. Do you want to feel good about yourself?

Go do something good. Go do something of value. Go do something worthy. Go do something long-term for someone else and for yourself, as well.  Don’t worry so much about your self-esteem. Worry more about your character and integrity. As for that pinhead who told you to go put on bigger boobs…he was immature and the wrong guy for you. A man who loves his woman loves her just the way she is. He won’t care either way if you have an A cup or have a mastectomy. What he wants is his woman’s body naked and closer to his. Learn to accept and love your A cups. They aren’t broken, so you have nothing to fix. Love them. Then if your guy still doesn’t love them, too, tell him to get lost.  Do your part to help humanity, and THAT will make your “self-esteem” skyrocket.

Here a few things of value that you can do. Do one from the list below for one entire year. Then email me again. If you think that didn’t help in raising your self-worth, then you can go and put on a pair of torpedoes. However, I believe if you stick to it, you will look back and say, “what was I thinking,” and who knows, destiny may even smile at you. You may find your man of value right there when you’re least expecting it. The list:

–      Mentor a child

–      Visit a Senior Center and read to some of the residents

–      Volunteer, volunteer, volunteer

–      Foster a child

–      Learn CPR

–      Be a Big Brother or Big Sister

–      Adopt, if you think you are good Mommy material and have the resources

–      Be a hero to a child, adopt an older child

–      Throw out your TV and learn a new language (this is my favorite)

–      Learn how to properly cook or bake (then go off on a cooking tour in Italy or France)

–      Cook for friends, your co-workers, or a senior citizen

–      Challenge yourself

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