Is Los Angeles a dating nightmare? Has the Chicago dating scene gone cold? Dallas got you down? Feeling lost in New York? Were there ever any single, straight men and not commit-phobic in San Francisco??

If you are a woman who can’t seem to find the man of your dreams, don’t worry!

Cristina is an author, a dating advisor and relationship builder who uses her knowledge to help women find the relationships they want and desire. Cristina shares her reflections, to simplify your dating life and make you aware of what can make your search for your life partner, effortless. Having lived on three different continents, submerged in many different cultures, Cristina owns a unique perspective on dating, relationship building, what men want, what women need and what makes a relationship last.

Brazilian women embrace their gender and are not afraid of their femininity. And Cristina believes Brazilians hold a secret and fearlessness that empowers them that can be quite beneficial to their American sisters and help them make the right choices in a mate.

Over the past several years, Cristina has shared her unique perspectives, strategies, and tactics with hundreds of women through relationship building lectures and seminars and she can now show you how

To GET him and KEEP him!

If you are interested in learning more about dating or relationship building, Cristina speaks nationwide, several times a year at larger public seminars as well as at smaller intimate sessions. If you are interested in booking an event of any size, from one-to-one to large conferences, you can e-mail: or call (415) 754.9092.