Sleeping around, hooking up!

I always caution women to be careful who they sleep/hook up with. If a single man was doing whatever he was doing, but he couldn’t get a woman to sleep with him or give him any sex, he would stop his behavior overnight. Men are that simple, thus, be discerning, be very discerning, on whose bed you are laying.

I heard from women that afterward, some men will mistreat them, discard them like trash, ignore them if they are in public, and even shun them. Well, men will only do what women will tolerate.  Am I making women responsible for what guys do?  Yes, because women have all the power.

Look at children – if you DON’T tolerate certain behaviors from children, they will become sweet and adjust to the behavior that will get them brownie points ……. Well, and so will normal men.

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