Stop caring what people think!

Yesterday at a get together, the ladies were  complaining about others talking about them in a not so-flattering way, including some friends and ex-boyfriends. I have a rule: stop caring what people say about you behind your back.

What others say behind your back is none of your business anyway and you should not care because the people who truly care for you, will not behave this way. Ex-boyfriends bad-mouthing you? Care even less! They have an ax to grind, otherwise they would be gentlemen and move on.

Not everyone likes what I write. In fact, quite a few do bad-mouth me. Even some so-called “friends” get in on the bashing once in a while. Since I can’t please everyone, I don’t even try. It’s nice to have a couple of “frenemies” hanging around though, it keeps me on my toes and challenges me to do better.

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