Schwarzenegger: I fathered a secret child

“I have apologized to Maria, my children and my family”; Shriver asks for privacy

This goes to show that even smart women, when they want what they want, they will do anything to get it, even if what they want is a guy who’s character is pretty flawed. There were videos floating around of  his lewd behaviors way back in the early 70’s and they dated 10 years before getting married. People can fake some of the time but they can’t fake most of the time and she may thought he could change his scummy ways.

How about the other woman involved? What a betrayal. She not only betrayed the woman who employed her, but betrayed her husband and interfered with the family of another woman and all the children involved. Shame though, this behavior is more typical of women than men. To be fair, he’s the worst of the two because he’s the one who made vows to his wife and not the other woman.

I wish Maria Shriver well, she is going to have a tougher time during this transition period than the average women because her pain, devastation and humiliation is being witnessed by the world. Sad!!