The truth about “Sex Addicts”

he watching pornTo “Bewildered in Hollister”: There is no Sexual Addiction. There is screwing around because it makes one feel good and feel powerful. It is a bad behavior that becomes a pattern because one likes the high! There is no excuse for this kind of behavior. NO EXCUSES.

When he tells you he stopped the behavior, but you find out he is still doing it, his response to your question is always the same: “I fell off the wagon” and “it’s not my fault”. That shows intent – he doesn’t want to stop, and lack of maturity – he takes no responsibilities for his actions.

Does it hurt that he would rather watch porn or stare at the computer screen instead of making love to you? But of course, that’s why you need to pack up and leave immediately. Trying to make it work is a futile exercise. You are not his shrink and he should not put the onus on you to help him get through this.

Read this very carefully: I don’t care what he says to make you stay. DO NOT stay. Otherwise, seven years into this, and three children later, you will be in the same spot; however, by then, you will have no right to complain or leave the marriage and destroy your children’s home because you designed their lives this way. This is not a man committed to you, he doesn’t love you. He loves his porn more.

Love doesn’t hurt. Love is the most respectful. If it hurts, mentally or physically, you are in the wrong place. Please be good to yourself and muster the courage to leave. Good luck!

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