Warning Signs

I have added a new page called Red Flags, please add your input and share with other women what warnings should they be aware when dating a guy. Go to the “Red Flags” page and send an email with your warning signs.

You can do anonymously, just let me know not to use your name or you can use your first name and the first letter of your last name. Gentleman, if you’re reading this, please give us the honor of your reflections and let us know what Red Flags should your daughter, your sister, your girl friends should look in a man that they’re thinking in dating as a potential life partner, husband, boyfriend, etc..

You can post it on the facebook page ask_cristina or send an email to ask_cristina@cristinarobinson.com





  1. Are these going to be used in your book? Will you get our permission?

    • No. My book is already written. It’s going to be placed in the page “Red Flags” so other women can read them.

      • This sounds fmailar . . . Oh yeah! that has happened to me too! I know it is very hard to tell your bff that you have stronger feelings for her bf, but that is the only ways you will not be trapped in misery and that thorn bush! !) you are not too late, he prob. has feelings for you too. If he doesn’t then your relationship will be akward, but aviod notes in locker, im, txt, calling, etc. face him (in a public place) and ask. but the choice is for you, are you willing to risk a relationship that will last not long, or a friendship that is hopefully forever.

    • It’s never too late for a friend- the exact same hapneped to me too. And, eventually, I talked to him about who he’s dating, and what he sees in her, and I told him that all the other guys I know don’t match me perfectly as much as he does, and how long it took me to realize that. He said that guys.. if they really love someone, they will always care for them, and very often don’t get over them completely. We’re dating now and everything’s awesome =) Good Luck!

  2. What a joy to find such clear thniking. Thanks for posting!

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