What a con! Do you agree?

I always say, a man’s character doesn’t change and this is the perfect example. I wish some women would pay a more close attention to their men’s behaviors before they commit their life to them.

I hope his third wife is paying attention or at least know that her life with him has an expiration date, when he’ll no longer have a need for her. The third wife, a devout Catholic (what a laugh) was his mistress for six years before he married her, after divorcing his second wife when she was just diagnosed with MS and before that, divorcing the first wife while she was getting treatment for cancer, while going out with the second wife. Now he wants what he wants and he brushes it off by saying he had to go to God and seek forgiviness. Really? How convenient. He did wrong to his two ex wives but the coward that he is, he has never asked their forgiviness. While having an affair himself, he placed himself on his soap box and accused Bill Clinton of lacking moral fiber. What a con. What is your take?

Watch the complete interview with his ex-wife by clicking on the link below. Link courtesy of abcnews/nightline.


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