What is marriage?

Last night, after a class I’ve been taking was over, we were discussing different things and then a discussion about the institution of marriage ensued because one of the ladies said that marriage was about “controlling, keeping one’s feelings hostage, losing yourself, losing one’s identity and personality,, etc.” That was heavy, very dramatic and typical of people who didn’t choose wisely the first time and/or who is somewhat broken inside.

To me is very simple, marriage is an institution which you love and adore your spouse. You sacrifice, you give to him, you take care of him and try to make every moment of his life worth living, and in response, he does the same for you. That’s a good marriage.

When one expresses unhappiness, or one says “you just trying to control me” or “I don’t have to give you anything”.  That’s a bad marriage. It’s a simple thing – when the other person is normal of course, with no emotional scars or with some egotistical personality problem. It’s really the focus on making the other person’s life worth living instead of counting the ways you’re ticked off today. Simple. No drama …. if you choose wisely, of course.

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