Whatever happened to men?

I had another post prepared for today but something happened yesterday evening that just to think about it make my teeth rattle. Instead of the original post I was going to publish today, I decided to write about what I witnessed yesterday evening which is pretty much in the same subject line.

Last night, I went to a friend’s birthday party. It was a small gathering of friends and family to celebrate her 40th birthday. At one point I got some food and spotted one chair left at a nearby table. I sat down, introduced myself to my table mates and not even five minutes after I sat down to eat, a disagreement about someone’s aunt or mother in law broke out between two of my table mates, (I’ll call one Jane) and Jane’s husband’s cousin (I’ll call the pit bull). At one point the pit bull got up from her seat and threw white wine in Jane’s face. Jane got up, outraged. The pit bull, not happy, slapped Jane’s face while she was all embarrassed trying to tell the pit bull off. The pit bull wasn’t done yet, however. While Jane sat again at her chair, the pit bull pulled Jane’s hair so hard that her head snapped back and she fell out of her chair. That’s when the rat, Jane’s husband, got up and said to the pit bull, “I can’t believe what you did. I will never speak to you again.”

Oh-my-God! That was priceless! I couldn’t believe my eyes! That bitch assaulted his woman verbally and physically not only once, but three times while he sat idle, like a lump on a log, simply taking up space right by her side and all he had to say in her defense was that he would never speak to his cousin again. That’s rich!

While Jane was crying, all embarrassed, all I could think was that her husband was a coward. I felt angry inside and totally helpless. I wanted to scream my outrage. If my man ever let me get assaulted by someone else in his presence and did nothing about it, you can bet your money that the following day, I would be visiting a divorce attorney.

Whatever happened to men? I was taught by the men who grew me up that a man, who doesn’t provide and protect his woman while others are verbally or physically assaulting her in front of him, doesn’t deserve to be called a man. They told me, that type of male is nothing but a rat. A man in my country would have picked up that bitch by the arm and physically escorted her out of the premises in less than one minute.

Provide and protect, that’s what a man does in my book; and if you cannot do that, don’t call yourself a man. That little scene ruined the evening for me. I don’t know how it is in other states, but here in California it saddens me to say that I have seen this behavior more times than I can count: a man stands idly by while others are saying cruel things to his woman right in front of his eyes and he just stands there like a schmuck and doesn’t defend her. Wimp! This is the state of manhood in California. How sad.

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