When a mother doesn’t choose right, the children suffer

I  often say that we women bare the biggest responsibility in bringing children into this world because life happens inside of our bodies. Yes, it takes two to tango but I still think we women are the ones who have to be more careful when choosing the man we make babies with. When choosing the wrong men to father our babies, our children will pay the price for our lack of knowing how to choose wisely. This woman’s first husband and father of her child, doesn’t interact with his own flesh and blood, then she chooses another douche bag to co-habitated with, then after a few years, they split up. Now, he refuses to see the child that he treated as his own when he was co-habitating with her and her kid is suffering another loss AGAIN. Truly sad.

I hope she wises up and raises her kid by herself and don’t bring another loser into her life in order to avoid her son having another loss. When one is not very good at choosing men but have a child or children, it’s ok to date but it is better not to bring the stud home to meet the child/children, this way one can have as many studs as one wants and when that stud ‘du jour’ leaves, the child/children won’t be harmed or affected by having another loss.

As published in US Magazine:

Jenny McCarthy: Jim Carrey Turned His Back on My Autistic Son

Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey parted ways two years ago but at least one person is still hung up over their relationship: McCarthy’s son, Evan. In a candid and emotional interview with Howard Stern Monday, McCarthy claims that Carrey refuses to see her son — despite her making several efforts to reach out to Carrey. She also said that Evan, who suffers from autism, misses Carrey “almost weekly.” The result is therapy sessions for the 10-year-old boy, whose biological father, John Mallory Asher (McCarthy’s ex-husband), reportedly has little interaction with him.

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