When did you know it was over?

Surfing the Internet for stories on the heart front, I arrived at Reddit.com and read about its editor and founder Dante Lesnie, coming back from a business trip just last month, early in the morning (6:30am) and upon sitting on his couch (he didn’t want to make noise and wake his wife and the kids), he received an odd text message “thanks for staying over babe. I love sleeping next to you”. Since he had just arrived home, that led him to believe that he had missed his wife’s lover by just a few minutes. Ouch!!

his original post here

Apparently, after denying any affair, by telling him it was a girlfriend who spent the night, the wife finally confessed to cheating and told him, he missed the lover by 15 minutes. She has not only cheated on him but used the family finances to fund the swing lifestyle she wants and to take her lover to fancy places. Double Ouch!!

one of his latest posts

I feel pretty terrible for him. I think he’s not only feeling betrayed and angry but probably feeling very much helpless, with the prospect of losing his home (kiss that one goodbye) and being separated from his children. I hope he has not only a great divorce attorney but a shrewd one as well! He’ll need it.


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