When “it” doesn’t rise to the occasion ….

BetrayalRejection*Sophia is 34 years old and her boyfriend is 42. They have been dating for nine months. He’s kind, sweet, giving, and intelligent, and always has her best interest at heart. In summary: a total gentleman. They have fun together, they laugh a lot, and everything is perfect except one thing: the lack of sex.

Her boyfriend doesn’t seem to have much of a sex drive; and when, at her request, they make an attempt to get intimate, he has a tough time performing and “it” doesn’t rise to the occasion. For the past six months he has been promising her that he’ll seek medical advice, but he never has. She’s tired of waiting and wants to know how long she should wait for him to seek medical help before she calls it quits.


You should have left about four months ago. Stop wasting your time with this guy. When people are interested in changing the status quo, they make an effort. He’s not interested; if your goal is just companionship, your current boyfriend is perfect but since you want a normal, loving, and sexual relationship, he’s not the right guy. Let him go, pronto! Stop wasting your time with Mr. Wrong.


*Names have been changed for privacy

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