Man don’t be intimidated by your woman …

Rudy and I exchanged a few e-mails about this one. He is getting married in three weeks. Two days ago, his fiancée “informed” him that on their wedding night they would start trying to get pregnant. He told her not yet – he was ready for marriage, but that the baby would have to wait until he’s more financially stable. She didn’t take that too well, angrily arguing that she is ready NOW. Understandably, he’s beside himself and doesn’t know what to do; she hasn’t spoken to him since their argument.

Men need to act more like a man, especially when their fiancées are being hysterical and unreasonable such as in Rudy’s case. I understand that it’s intimidating to be around someone who bleeds five days out of the month and doesn’t die, but this is ridiculous.

Straighten your spine Rudi and don’t be afraid of your woman, tell her tonight that in two years when you can afford to take care of a child, then you two will have a baby. That’s called being responsible. Tell her that you are a man, and as such will provide and protect, but that she needs to give you the opportunity to get to that point. Make sure to stress to her that her previous behaviors of yelling at you, flipping out and recriminating is NOT acceptable.

If she still cannot understand, then you need to tell her that if she wants a baby right now, she needs to go looking for someone else to marry who is more financially stable and secure because you’re not there yet.  If you can’t tell her that, then protect yourself and wear a condom—she may get desperate enough to lie and tell you that she’s on birth control. Good luck!!


  1. Don’t marry her!

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