Who needs man? Manless and fancy free.

Perusing the Internet I came upon this very sad article to me. Read on.

As Men Struggle To Keep Up, Some Women Pose The Question: Who needs them?

Outperformed in school and, in many cases, the workplace too, men are increasingly being seen as a “problem” – especially when it comes to forming families. Women prefer men who are equally if not more accomplished. Trouble is, there aren’t enough such men to go around.

By Bettina Weber TAGES-ANZEIGER/Worldcrunch

ZURICHThings are going badly for men – again. In Germany, an article published in Zeitmagazin has created a furor because the author, a woman, described the 30-year-old men in her age group as Schmerzensmänner. By this she meant the men are childish, oversensitive, self-centered and so focused on “finding themselves” that they haven’t got a clue about relating to women. In short: men aren’t guys anymore – they’re needy softies.

The article unleashed a flood of letters and comments from readers, hit the blogosphere big-time, and even inspired one actual male to present his side of things – and ask for understanding. The heated discussion made one thing very clear: men are increasingly being seen as a problem.

Lists of criticism include such items as: never grow up; refuse to accept responsibility; don’t help enough around the house; emotionally stunted; mamma’s boys; and overly dependent. Even sociologists and researchers are sounding alarm bells, saying the main problem is the lack of role models. The Berlusconis, Schettinos [Francesco Schettino, captain of the Costa Concordia cruise ship] and Schwarzeneggers of the world aren’t exactly helping the situation, so it’s no wonder, say the experts, that there is no such thing as a new, modern man.

Failing to make the grade

While women are advancing with giant strides, men appear to be falling behind. In school, boys need a lot more help than girls to get through – although, interestingly, successful female students still tend to be credited for their “hard work” and “discipline” rather than “talent” or “intelligence.” What’s even more interesting is that the reaction of many boys to girls being better at school is that good grades are “girly” and uncool – the feminine being perceived as inferior and thus not worthwhile.

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  1. SusyJones says:

    This article is so biased well let me tell you about my experiences with men.
    1.) This article says women prefer their men to be more accomplished then they. This is not true i have tried talking to men less educated then me and they turned out to be some of the worst kind of sexist men you can find. Its stupid because they were less educated and still had the nerve to slag of modern women.
    So us women are more open minded then just dating up the chain i don’t mean to shock you but its the less educated male and more accomplished men who still have a problem with the talented beautiful women, men still cannot stand a woman who is more accomplished then themselves.
    2.) There is still rampant misogyny in the world that is just not going to disappear over- night!!
    3.) I am recognised for my talent, intelligence, hard work and discipline.
    4.) Being recognised as being hard working is an excellent complement to get from anyone it is not sexist to be recognised for your hard work.
    5.) I have never seen a women get complimented for her hard work alone, they do get a lot of recognition for their efforts and the women who do get complimented for their hard work are meticulous types who deserve to get praised for their hard work because they are meticulous! Duh!!
    6.) Men are stupid if they need a role model to get them to want to grow up, in fact so are women if they need a role model as well.
    7.) Its stupid to blame someone’s ineffectiveness and bad manners on a lack of good role models i never had a role model when i was growing up so i did the only logical thing i could do i decided i was going to be the role model i wanted to have if not better!!!
    8.) Self-motivation is there for a reason, men are getting too ridiculous!!!

    Most of all i prefer being single because i’m living a very fulfilled lifestyle and i don’t have to worry about upsetting the bank from a wedding, rings, presents for him, wasting money on expensive dates, wasting money on expensive dresses, outfits to please a man i also don’t have to adjust myself to anything i don’t want my life is so great.
    I love not having a man in my life because i don’t have to expect a man to fulfill my romantic desires only to be disappointed, i also love not having some man involving himself in my plans or sabotaging my career plans, i love having no abuse, i love not having a control, jealous boyfriend, i love not having to nag a man for anything. I love living life on my own terms and i’m not going to change my life of personal growth and self actualisation on some dude who isn’t going to stay for marriage, kids, old age.

    Last but not least my favourite of all i never have to worry about catching a STD or getting cheated on, my life is a sheer joy and i don’t want some idiot to spoil my fantasy life, career ambitions, hobbies, health and happiness.

  2. SusyJones says:

    There are so many complicated issues in some of the lives of women in these modern times, if you see a single woman please don’t assume the worst.
    Please don’t assume great business women sleep their way to the top!!
    Please don’t assume she hates men!!
    Please don’t assume she’s a lesbian!!!
    Please don’t assume she’s a bitter scrooge sipping on red wine!!
    Please don’t assume she sacrificed her personal life to get to the top!!
    Please don’t assume she is a bitch!!
    Please don’t assume there is something wrong with her because she is single!!
    Please don’t assume she is insecure about her body shape!!

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