Why people are cheating?

Cheater (2)The latest survey by Victoria Milan, a new European dating site (just like Ashley Madison.com), catering for married and attached people looking to engage in confidential affairs, found that among the women and men surveyed:

– 36% of those surveyed “a boring weekend with the partner” was why they thought Mondays were the most popular day to look for affairs

– 18% cited  “lack of sex over the weekend”, suggesting that people most feel the need to have sex with alternative partners during the week – not the weekend.

– 17% claimed it was “because Mondays are the most depressing day of the week.”

– 29% simply wanted to start off the work week with “a good dose of adrenaline,” hinting at a low-energy weekend

– 78% of the cheating men are in their first marriage, and that 82% of them began to be unfaithful after having children

– 18% of the cheating men stated that their spouse turned all of their attention to the children and this lack of attention led to their infidelity.

– 15% cited economic problems as the source of their marital woes

– 14% indicated that other family issues were the cause of their problems

On the unfaithful women front:

– 73% of women said the main reason they cheated was because their partners’s character flaws and bad behavior, therefore they would be more likely to cheat with a lover who did not possess the trait they found so obnoxious in their partner:

1. He lacks a sense of humor (19%)
2. He’s not understanding enough (16%)
3. He’s not good in bed (14%)
4. He lacks good manners (11%)
5. He’s lazy and doesn’t have any life plans (10%)
6. He doesn’t care about his appearance and has poor hygiene (9%)
7. He’s not successful (7%)
8. He doesn’t pay enough attention to details and social obligations (5%)
9. He’s unable to clean up after himself and he’s a mama’s boy (5%)
10. He’s stingy (4%)

I wonder what kind of colored lenses the cheaters were wearing in their glasses that they didn’t realize who they made commitment to.


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