Why women want bad boys – now explained by science

Perusing the net I stumbled upon this article. Interesting read. As read in the MSN The Heart Beat

Science Explains Why Women Want Bad Boys

Researchers seek to explain why women sometimes prefer rebellious renegades over dependable dudes
Ever since James Dean put on that red jacket and held a switchblade to Buzz’s neck, women have had a thing for bad boys. No—even before that. In the cold confines of a lonely cave, some Homo erectus was probably kicking back in his motorcycle boots, brooding over the light ….   continue reading at MSN Living – The Heart Beat


  1. I was told about a week ago by my doctor that it can be carerid by women and men and not show symptoms for along time My boyfriend has a problem with his testicles and we were told that even though we have only been with each other for 8 yrs it could have been present and not shown symptoms so I know that it can for 8yrs. Hope this helps..ask your doctor or look it up on a medical site. btw it turns out he had an infection of the tube that connects the testicle with something else and it wasn’t an std

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