Women stirring the pot at weddings

Today I am going to write about women who take the opportunity of someone’s wedding to start stirring the pot. The men usually ask “where and what time,” but some women go the extra mile to be upsetting and make the day about them instead of the couple getting married. For the past 16 months I have been to 12 weddings and my email box has been flooded with emails from women upset about this and that in someone else’s wedding. I swear, I’m not making this up; they’re ALL from women saying their feelings are hurt for one reason or another. I have even witnessed women trying to straighten out whatever differences they had, right before someone’s big event.

The emails are pretty much similar in nature. So, I decided instead of answering everyone privately, I am going to talk about it in general here. This should be enough for everybody to understand that a WEDDING IS NOT a time to stir up controversy, bring up old problems, open old wounds, and start family fights.

A wedding is supposed to be a happy occasion. You should never get upset at your loved ones for decisions that their sister or brother made. Don’t put him in the middle and ask him to intercede on your behalf. It’s not fair.

Sometimes a wedding is a religious event and not just a party for people to get upset at because they’re not getting what they want. It is not a popularity contest about who is going to have the better job or who will make it to the wedding party or not. A wedding is not an opportunity to make oneself feel important on someone else’s supposedly “special day.”  That’s not fair and it’s unreasonable.

A wedding is an occasion where the supposed “happy couple” is exchanging vows; therefore anything you can do to be helpful and alleviate some of the stressors of the day, you should. Stop getting upset and being competitive about the little things you are going to do. That’s childish. Let the wedding be about the happy couple and not about you and how upset you are because you didn’t get what you wanted or felt slighted because you were not in the wedding party. Please give it a rest and remember that someone’s wedding is supposed to be about them not you. Leave the drama out.


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