Would you date a guy looking for a work horse?

*Amy from the Financial District is going out with *Peter, her boyfriend of seven months. She tells me that her boyfriend broke up with his first wife because she wasn’t a hard worker. She was lazy and wasn’t financially contributing enough to the marriage coffers.  He has one child with his ex-wife but that doesn’t concern Amy very much because he hardly sees the child. She told me she’s terribly in love with him and she doesn’t mind that she’ll have to work harder if she ends up marrying him; but she’s not very sure about his temper. Peter has a quick temper and is quick to flare up, sometimes for things that are not worth getting upset over. She’s conflicted and wants another perspective.

My answer:  I was very curious to know what this lady did for a living since she signed “Amy from the Financial District.” So, I emailed her back and asked her what she did for work and how many hours a week she puts in now. She’s a high level Executive Assistant in one of the biggest firms in the Financial District and, as it is, she usually clocks about 60 hours a week.

Well, Ms. Amy, get ready because once you marry this poor excuse for a man, you’ll be probably working over 75 hours a week if that’s possible and you won’t be seeing your future husband very much either. You’ll be too busy being a worker bee to be able to see your husband. Why anyone would volunteer to be someone’s work horse I will never understand.

This joker doesn’t want a wife. He wants a working mule that will fund his life style; a hard worker so he’ll be able to sit back, relax, and let you do the heavy lifting. On top of that he has a temper. Are you kidding me? A jerk with a temper who hardly sees his kid. Oh-my-God! Can you see yourself the day you’ll be sick in bed? What will he do?  Would he be angry enough to hit you because you won’t be accruing the extra hours? I wonder if he has already displayed some of that quick temper you describe by pushing, shoving, or even hitting you.  I bet he has but you’ll have an excuse for him.

Dump this parasite yesterday and don’t date for a while. You need to be alone in order to think about why you would think that a guy with a temper (who dumps the mother of his child because she didn’t work harder and on top of that ABANDONS his child) would be a suitable man to date. Guys like your boyfriend should be shunned and shamed; instead they find hard working women like you to sleep with them. Have some self respect and for your own well being, let him go ASAP.

*for privacy reasons, names have been changed


  1. That “quick temper” sounds as if he might have Borderline Personality Disorder. Have Amy look it up and see if the symptoms sound too familiar. I bet they do! If so, no cure for that. Instead, she’s better off working on her self esteem and moving on quickly because that man will never be happy with her; It will only get worse!

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